Ramifications of Tactical Gear Being Sold Online

There have been reports that the tactical gear that was worn by the Colorado shooter at the Aurora theatre is being sold online. Let us be the first say that the gear that he was wearing was really high tech stuff that should not be available to the general population so they can be easily purchased online. At Range Master Tactical Gear we offer a wide range of tactical gear to the general public but when it comes to certain items only law enforcement officers or military personnel can purchase them. And we do our duty to ensure that the individuals requesting the items are indeed who they say they are and the proper paperwork and procedures are followed to ensure that items don’t end up in the wrong hands.

It is very chilling to think that websites can be so irresponsible as to sell these types of items to the general public. What James Holmes the shooter at the Aurora movie theater in Colorado was wearing is riot gear. He was fully dressed in helmet, throat protector, vest, groin protector and leggings. If he had not willingly surrendered to the authorities they would have found it hard to bring down this man – thank God he surrendered.

How can the average citizen feel safe knowing the bad guys have as much armor and equipment as the law enforcement officers and possibly even more. How can we protect ourselves if this is what our country has come to? Sellers need to be more responsible in what they sell and who they sell these items to. Sellers should only sell such heavy duty items to police enforcement agencies and not even to single police officers and military personnel as they sometimes due to the pressure of their work make mistakes and take out innocent people in the same time.

If you want a reputable seller who upholds moral standards such as not allowing anybody to get hold of heavy duty tactical gear then you can count on Range Master Tactical Gear. We do not sell these types of items to the general public and we applaud other sellers who do the same. Those that do we urge them to look at their practices and look at the potential damage that can take place because of their actions. They should be held partially responsible when innocent people die due to the fact that they sold some psychopath gear that should only be found in the military or in other professional law enforcement environments.

ImageWe have to stop the madness somehow and making it so that only law enforcement agencies can purchase certain items this will make it less likely for certain items to end up in the hands of villain. This is the main way we can protect our families, our neighbors and our fellow country men from the rants of the wicked and those that do not value life. Let us speak out about the many websites offering tactical gear for sale to the person who is willing to pay the asking price.  

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Benchmade Knives – Superior Quality Items

Benchmade Company is a well-known name for manufacturing superior products. This is great for them because they have just a little over 20 years on the market under their belt. The company behind the manufacture of the ever so popular Benchmade Knives started in California before relocating to Oregon. You can find their knives in a range of designs and eve have the opportunity to personalize your Benchmade knife with laser engraving.

They pride themselves in building knives that are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards and to the highest quality when compared to their competitors. They use only the finest materials to make their knives and as such the knives perform just how they are advertised to perform. They are mostly used by persons in the line of duty and outdoor enthusiasts and workers who want the best equipment. All these individuals need to have knives they can count on and knives that hold their own. That is exactly what you can expect from Benchmade Knives. They feature the most superior edges that assure the user the best and most precise cut and they are reliable, never failing to perform. The company promises unsurpassed quality in their products and they deliver on that.

 If you are on the market for a high quality knife you can choose from the different knives that benchmade carries. They have knives with blades made from different types of steel and coatings that enable the prevention of corrosion. Handles are made from a variety of high quality materials and come in various colors to suit any color palette.

Each year they offer more innovative knives that are customized for the needs of military personnel and law enforcement officers. They not only design, manufacture and sell their knives but they also offer continuing services to help to maintain the knives so that they can stand the test of time and provide you with the best value for money. They offer services such as re-sharpening among others which help to expand the lifespan of their products helping your keep money in your pocket by purchasing a knife that will last you a lifetime.

 Keep your benchmade knives in the best shape ever by properly maintaining them even if you don’t get the maintenance done by Benchmade. Ensure you keep your blade properly sharpened as not only will a blunt blade be damaged more easily but it can also cause harm to you or anybody else you may be using the knife with. You also want to keep the locking device oiled and cleaned and inspect the knife periodically to ensure that it is still in good shape. Remember to use your knife only for cutting, not as a screwdriver, not as a chisel and not as a prying tool. If you find that your blade has been damaged try not to repair it yourself as you may only make matters worse. You should definitely not try to pull it apart, instead send it back to the company or purchase a new one.  

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5.11 Tactical Moving Jobs from Modesto to Irvine

5.11 Tactical has their corporate headquarters in Modesto but in the summer they moved 40 jobs from Modesto to a development center in Irvine. The operations center is still in Modesto and only those 40 positions were moved to this new development center.

The company’s CEO stated that the move was done in order to facilitate a better environment for product designers and developers so that they could delve deeper into their creative talent by pooling all persons in the same physical location. As such it was the persons with jobs within the product management, product development, e-commerce and marketing departments that were moved to Irvine. The Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, Finance and Operations staff stayed behind in Modesto and so did the warehouse and the custom shop.

The whole idea of the change is for the company to be able to drive more innovation. The CEO who already lives in Irvine and who has lived there for 15 years states that he does most of his work there and returns to the Modesto office every other week at minimum.

The CEO of the Stanislaus Economic Development & Workforce Alliance notes that he was sad to see jobs leave the area as in March there was a 17.4% jobless rate. He further goes on to state that it is sad to see some of the jobs go since 5.11 Tactical was born in Modest and has grown there ever since.

Though a majority of the workers transferred to Irvine there was still room for more new workers and since Irvine is home to major apparel companies such as Hurley, Volcom, Quiksilver and Oakley there were a number of young and talented designers were eager job takers. This benefits the company since in Modesto they would have design positions open for months without being able to find the right individual for the job.

With operations in Irvine the company is now able to work with bigger law enforcement departments that are found in Irvine, Los Angeles and Anaheim. It also benefits the Modesto office since some of their finance department has been working across the road for a couple years now. Now with departments moving the entire finance department will be in one general space which will allow the work flow to be more cohesive.

They had no plans of downsizing and so the employees who did not move to Irvine were offered job positions in the Modesto office though they may have been offered a different role. Just a small amount of individuals ended up losing their jobs. Davin noted that change is always tough but overall it benefits the company and the consumers they serve.


5.11The Irvine development is home to the first prototype facility that 5.11 Tactical has had in house. This means changes to the 5.11 Tactical lines of products. The company is slated to launch fitness and hunting products in the early part of 2013. This will really open the consumer base of the company as now there will be more regular individuals purchasing, wearing and using 5.11 products.  

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The New Fit 5.11 Tactical Women’s Tactical Shorts

There is a redesigned pair of women’s tactical shorts available and it is from no other supplier than trusty ole5.11 Tactical. These shorts feature a new fit that makes them even more comfortable, more functional and more durable than the initial design. They are made with active movement in mind but also with the aesthetic appeal that women want to have when they put on their clothes.

These shorts are used by the military, fire and law enforcement professionals but they not only look good on duty but can be worn off duty as well. Due to their durability you don’t have to worry about wearing them out thanks to the fact that they are made with a fade resistant coating. Women of all sizes can find a pair of these shorts that fit well since they have them available in sizes 2 to 20. They are available in four different colors which are O.D Green, Fire Navy, Khaki and Black.

It is made with 100% cotton canvas that is 8.5 ounces and has Cordura nylon lining in some areas. This material is known to get softer with each wash which means that your shorts will only get better over time. Proprietary weave allows you to not have to worry about the threads raveling on these shorts. It also features double and triple stitching as well as 48 bartacks placed in areas that need it the most which adds to the durability of the shorts. It has a comfort waistband that self adjusts and also has a double thick seat for protection against abrasion. With pockets featuring the slash design and a rear strap that is patented the shorts completes their professional look.

In all the shorts have 7 pockets in all. Its front pockets are roomy and strong being able to hold a good amount of items comfortably. All cargo pockets have inverted pleats so that they stay flat when they are empty ensuring the wearer a neat and professional appearance at all times. There is a single narrow front pocket that can be used to store a utility knife, a magazine or a cell phone. The back pockets feature the slash design and are extra long so they can accommodate longer mags, a baton or flashlights as long as 15 inches. They feature and 8 inch in seam and authentic Prym snaps and genuine YKK zippers. There is the D-ring on the front of the shorts that enables you to attach a duty knife, your keys or your ID, whichever you need within arm’s reach.

These tactical shorts have a lot of features that make them a must have item for female first responders, firefighters, police officers and other women who serve our country on a daily basis. They offer a professional look as well as a very comfortable pair of shorts that can be worn all day long and won’t fade over time. Don’t wait any longer and no need to doubt yourself any longer regarding this brand of pants, the facts speak for themselves. Image

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Keep up on the Latest Police News with a Tactical Blog

If you don’t watch the news then a lot of interesting stories may pass you. This is where a tactical blog can help keep you abreast of what is going on. Take for example a story about a police officer in Santa Mara California that was killed at his attempted arrest. This story was found on the blog of a tactical website. According to the incident reported the officer was killed on the 29th of January as they were attempting to arrest him. He was accused of sex crimes.

It is alleged that he forced a 17 year old in the police explorer program to have sex with him by threatening the safety of her family. The 17 year old described the police officer as a predator in her statement against him and has sued his widow who has only been married for three weeks. The story came out when the youngster told a relative that she was in a relationship with the police officer. It is stated that other members of the police force knew about the relationship and that these kinds of relationships are common in the explorer program.

These stories may seem like soap operas but they are indeed real life incidents that you probably wouldn’t learn about even if you watched the news. We tend to mostly watch local news and often times when we hear stories of what happens in other cities we think that it could never happen in our city but this is far from the truth as there are a lot of cases across the United States of abuse of power by police personnel and not just sexually speaking.

Staying abreast of a blog can help you to keep up with what is happening locally, nationally and internationally with our law enforcement teams. This can help us to get rid of corrupt individuals because the more eyes that are on a particular incident or case is the more likely that they will do the right thing and weed out the bad cops out of the system. Otherwise they may just try to cover up and save face. For example a story like this would have never gotten my attention if I had not seen it on a law enforcement blog.

They not only help you keep abreast of bad news but also keep us abreast of good news as well. The good news in this case is that the police caught up with the two partners in crime who have plagued not only all our 50 states but other countries with their cunning methods of thievery. They were guilty of stealing from stores all over the US and were finally caught in Florida. It is really comforting to know through a tactical blog that the law enforcement officers are driven to catch menacing culprits or bandits at all costs.

Blogs of this nature are really efficient and extremely vital to keeping us abreast of the issues that plague our society and even other neighbouring countries that are directly linked to our country.

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Tactical Clothing: How to Pick an Excellent Air-soft Vest

Yes, an Air-soft vest is considered tactical clothing – because it protects you from the pellets that are being fired as these can injure you significantly without the vests. You don’t have to be employed in the tactical forces to get the adrenaline rush of the call to duty, you can create your own tactical world by playing Air-soft. When buying an Air-soft vest there are many aspects that you should consider. Here are just a few things to consider before purchasing this type of vest.


  • Make sure that the vest is tightly sewn and of course that its color and other design elements are well suited for you – just for personal preference reasons. You want to ensure that you get the best fit so that you will be very comfortable as you play. If you plan to be playing in the heat you should look for a lightweight one that has breathable features so that you won’t be smothered and end up with heat stroke. Stay away from vests that have a glazed appearance on the interior if you will be playing in warm weather.


  • You will likely be carrying a number of devices on you while you play the game, thus you want to ensure that your vest has enough pockets to accommodate all your items. You don’t just want to have pockets everywhere but in places that can be easily and conveniently accessed. Newer vests feature MOLLE attachment points so that you can customize where your pockets are but if you have older vests then you will be dealing with fixed pockets. Before you buy, find out about all the gear that you will need to have stowed on you so you can ensure you can have all your items in the right place.


  • Choose a vest that is made with high quality resilient material this not only ensures your protection during game play but also ensures that your vest will last for many years providing you with value for money. The material is not the only thing you have to worry about as you also have to think about the durability of the zippers and any Velcro closures or attachment points that may be present on the vest. Purchasing a high quality vest that is more expensive now means less maintenance costs in the future so over time you will be saving money if you make a good initial investment.


  • If purchasing your vest in a physical store you are encouraged to try it on and move around in the store to see how comfortable it is. Never mind the people, chances are if you are buying this in a store, anybody in there will not think you strange for doing what you are doing. It’s not like they sell tactical clothing at the grocery store so people there will be “your kind”. Try a range of motions that you would do while playing the game to ensure its compatibility. If you won’t be purchasing in a store but online then you will have to rely on some reviews. A good brand to choose form is 5.11 Tactical as they are known for providing high quality, durable and strong gear.
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New Product Offerings from RangeMaster

Rangemaster tactical gear has a long line of products and they are consistently adding to their stock. Some of their newest items are from the world renowned manufacturer of tactical items – none other than 5.11 Tactical. The retailer is known for having an extensive amount of 5.11 items for sale and now they have increased that number in recent times. We will be looking at three of the new products that they have for sale on their website right now. Since they are always updating their stock by the time you get there they may have different new products in stock but if you will be looking for any of these you can simply type the name into the search bar and click enter and you will be take straight that item along with a list of like items.
The first item on their new products page is the 5.11 Tactical VTAC Brokos Belt. This belt is not just designed to have all your gun items in one easy to access place but it also helps to relieve any pressure on your nerves with its ergonomic design and gives you the opportunity to weave your usual belt through it if you want. It is made from 500D Nylon which makes it very comfortable as well as lightweight at just 8 oz. so even though it has a large capacity for items it will never weigh you down. It can accommodate different types of holsters as well as different accessory pouches thanks to MOLLE. It features a 6 inch plastic insert which works to reinforce the belt so that one can carry heavy loads without putting any stretch on the belt which may cause it to give way. It also has an ID flag patch panel so that you can properly mark your belt.
The next item that caught my eye was the 5.11 Tactical Triab 18 which is a conversion backpack. This pack is made from 1050 D Nylon and allows you to wear it sling style while giving you the option to choose whether you want to wear it right handed or left handed. It is perfect to use for your grab and go items as it has a handle at the top that is just perfect for that. It has hydration pockets as well as expandable water pockets and even a pistol pocket that provides you with quick access to your pistol whenever you need it. It features Web platform and internal organization so that you can easily find even the smallest items that are placed inside without having to do any rummaging around.
5.11 Tactical  ATAC 8" Side Zip Boot

5.11 Tactical ATAC 8″ Side Zip Boot

Lastly on our list but not last on the new product list at RangeMaster is the 5.11 Tatical TacTec Plate Carrier. This plate carrier definitely changes the game of plate carriers. It is made from TPU and nylon and allows soldiers to have an increased range of motion and added comfort while allowing them to have all their ammo and guns present within arm’s reach and providing them with ballistic protection at the same time. It has space on the interior which includes four different slots for magazine storage and feature bungee type retention. There is also a map pocket along with a micro web platform that is laser cut. It makes use of an extended drag lanyard and provides quick release.
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