5.11 Tactical & Range Master Tactical Gear

Range Master Tactical Gear is a proud retailer of 5.11 Tactical products. We offer a wide range of products from 5.11 to include bags, backpacks, clothing, knives, flashlights and a range of other types of gear. We are proud to carry products from this manufacture because we know that their products are well made and durable enough to provide our customers with the best products and so we will have only satisfied customers. Since our aim is to satisfy our customers we choose to carry items from top names in the field of tactical gear manufacture, names like 5.11 who reign supreme.

5.11 are mostly known for their clothing line since one of their first items was the 5.11 Tactical pants which was the product that gave them the name 5.11. For 30 years the company has been producing tactical pants that have been used by numerous law enforcement officials and military officials who have continued to use their products because of the quality and the durability that they provide. They now create a lot more than pants and include shorts, shirts, footwear, undergear and accessories all of which we carry here at Range Master. Though we may not have every item created and sold by 5.11 Tactical we do have a wide range of their products and have products from every category they offer.

5.11 Tactical Pants

Their pants are designed to provide lasting performance, comfort and of course durability. Their pants have stood the test of time serving many levels of law enforcement the world over.

5.11 Shorts

With the success of their pants the company went on to create shorts perfect for warmer weather and these also became a hit with law enforcement at different levels. They feature their trademarked rear slash pocket design and are available in 7 different colors. Like the pants their shorts are durable, long lasting and comfortable too.

5.11 Shirts

Their shirts are great at providing a professional, neat and clean look whether on or off duty. They are suitable for casual and duty wear and are made mainly from either 100% nylon or 100% cotton which provides the utmost in comfort.

5.11 Tactical Footwear

They also provide footwear suitable for EMS and Fire professionals along with military and law enforcement officials as well. Range Master is proud to offer their footwear items at some of the best prices you can find on the internet. Their newer footwear offers the shock mitigation system that they have become well known for.

5.11 Undergear

Persons in tactical professions need to be dressed from head to toe in their tactical wear and that includes undergear. Their undergear provides professionals with the comfort and the support they need to go through long days on the job beyond the regular 8 hour period.


5.11 Accessories

Range Master also offers a range of accessories from 5.11. Their accessories are suitable for fire professionals, law enforcement and military professionals. Accessories in their line include knives, holsters and belts among others.

Find your next tactical or outdoor item from 5.11 Tactical through Range Master Tactical Gear.


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I am businessman selling 5.11 Tactical products in USA
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