5.11 And 511 Tactical

511 Tactical created a pair of pants for their first product – a pair of pants made specifically for rock climbing. Now they are the most reputable name when it comes to tactical clothing and the tactical pant is just a popular as it was when they first became popular. The only difference now is that these pants are not just for rock climbing anymore. These pants are popular for a reason; they are very different from any other tactical pants before them and offer a number of improvements and even technological advancements. Ever thought you would have heard about technological advancements when talking about a pair of pants? Thanks to 5.11.

These pants feature a design that makes them highly durable and with many features that enhance their durability they are definitely the most durable pants a civilian can purchase and wear. You will find features such as triple and double stitching and even bar tacks all placed in areas that receive the most stress during wear. This makes the pants a lot stronger and even more comfortable for longer periods of wear as well.

With comfort waistbands and elastic stretch 5.11 ensured that they didn’t leave anything out so that consumers would not fall short on comfort when wearing these pants. But comfort is not the only thing they were trying to ensure these pants had, they also wanted to ensure the pants had reinforced areas which are not the same as the areas with bar tacks, triple stitching and double stitching. For example the knees are reinforced with double thick fabric so that if you must do kneeling in your job your knees won’t be stressed out at the end of the day. In addition to the padding in the knee area there are also pockets there to accommodate additional padding for your knee just in case you have to stay on them all day or don’t think you get enough padding already in the knee area of the pants.

Not only do they have great features and are made from high quality 8.5 ounce cotton canvas material but they are also made with the best in materials to include Prym snaps and YKK zippers. They are great for persons who love outdoor adventures especially the extreme types since regular clothes can’t live up to extreme. No longer are these only used for training pants for law enforcement and military personnel and everyone can now get their very own pants from 511 Tactical with all the bells and whistles and at a great price from retailers like Range Master Tactical Gear.

Pair these pants with other clothing items from 5.11 Tactical to include their Polo shirts, T-shirts or Uniform shirts for a crisp clean look. Go all out and get yourself some 5.11 socks and under gear as well as one of their backpacks so you can be all decked out when you go on your next, hunting, camping or biking excursion. You will feel great knowing you are fully decked out in the best quality items all bought without putting yourself in debt.  


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I am businessman selling 5.11 Tactical products in USA
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