Women’s Tactical Clothing from Blackhawk at the SHOT Show 2012

Women in law enforcement often find it hard to find tactical clothing that makes them look and feel feminine while being able to stand up to the day to day rigors of their job. Therefore for the majority of pieces they own they are bulky and cut like men’s wear and are simply unflattering in the sense of femininity.

Thanks to Blackhawk women will now have more feminine fitting pieces in their wardrobe for their job duties. Not only are the new items feminine but they are also designed and manufactured so they can be comfortable, durable and functional no matter what the call of duty has in store for you. The new items were revealed at the Shot Show 2012 which was held in Las Vegas. Product marketing manager at Blackhawk Bruce Ruddock was there to enlighten the public about the new line of tactical clothing designed specifically for a woman and her curves.

Without a doubt, men are built differently from women and there is no reason their clothes shouldn’t be built differently too where aesthetics is concerned but with the same quality so that their clothes can stand up to their jobs. In the line introduced are redesigned shirts and new pants. Pants are lightweight with a number of different features such as being fade, stain and wrinkle resistant. They are made from high quality and durable polyester cotton blends which mean that they will have a long life.

The pants are built with women’s hips in mind and have in seams of 31 and 35 inches at the moment. Ruddock notes that as the line gets running more sizes will become available for purchase. The pants feature a silicone grip strip in the waist band which gives the opportunity to wear the shirt tucked into the pants without risk of the shirt riding up as is common in previous pants designs for women. The waist band is also responsible for providing a better and easier fit since it has a waistband that can be expanded quite easily. The pants also have a number of pockets throughout to enable the concealment of whatever is necessary.

They have pants for both duty and off-duty. The off duty pants is a good option for your plainclothes assignments or for when you need to do undercover work. The off duty pants are made with 100% nylon and they have the same functional features of the tactical pants and only look different. These particular pants feature reinforced belt loops so that you can still carry your weapon and even a set of magazines. They have a mid-rise design that allows them to be better aligned as well as to be more stable when carrying a firearm and ammunition.

The tops as we mentioned have been redesigned to make the shirts smaller and the sleeves shorter. They have the Performance Polo as well as the Strenia Top which are both designed for casual wear and offer the benefit of ease of motion. The Polo has a cap sleeve and a modern fit while the Strenia has discrete pockets for storing additional items without having a bulky look.

They also introduced other tactical clothing items such as workout gear along with some footwear items. The items all came on stream in March of 2012. No more do you have to wear bulky tactical clothing ladies as Blackhawk has designed a clothing line especially for you.  


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