How do Tactical Shorts from 5.11 Tactical Fit?



5.11 Tactical are known within tactical circles to provide high quality tactical gear items. Included these items are their tactical shorts among other clothing pieces. You already know that this is a good quality item since it is made by 5.11 but maybe your body type has problems with fitting clothing items correctly and you are wondering if these shorts will have the right fit on you. Just as 5.11 makes items that are of superb quality, so their clothing items are of superb fit as well. They fit comfortably and fit well no matter what your body type is.

These shorts mimic the design of the pants being created with a rugged design, durable fabrics and accessories and a more than adequate amount of pockets. It is useful not only for tactical professionals but also for those who require loose fitting shorts with a lot of storage space such as electronic geeks and outdoorsy people as well.

These tactical shorts provide a lot of extra room so that it is suitable for a wide range of motions involving the knee, hips and legs. Though the shorts provide additional room they are not bulky neither do they look or feel oversized. Therefore these can be worn by a heavy built person or by a lean person and still look great on both persons. The waistband is also stretchable having the ability to stretch as much as 3 inches so that even persons who don’t have washboard abs to wear the shorts comfortably.

A number of areas in the shorts are reinforced for durability and for increased functionality. It is an all-cotton shorts that is reinforced in the knees, the seat area and the crotch area. The pockets are made of heavy duty material so that they can store and carry heavy objects without worry of tearing or ripping.

They have these tactical shorts available for both men and women and women are usually more interested in fit than men. Those designed for the females are made with just this in mind. The female shorts also feature a crotch with less material so that it can be more breathable and the waistband for the female version of the shorts do not ride high and instead fit nicely on the hip area. The shorts also feature a nylon lining in areas that are most susceptible to chaffing and rubbing. The front pleats are designed so that they stay flight unless you are in motion so that you can always maintain a neat, professional and lady like appearance as you wear the shorts.

Tactical shorts are highly durable and very practical which means that they can adapt well outside of tactical professions. They can be used as uniforms for other civilian jobs as well as can be worn for casual purposes. Contractors will find these shorts suitable for work and those who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon will find them ideal for such purposes as well.  


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