5.11 Tactical HRT Uniform Shirts

If you are one that keeps up with the happenings of the tactical world you must know that 5.11 Tactical is a leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of tactical clothing. While they started their clothing line with tactical pants they have moved beyond the design and manufacture of pants to include shorts and shirts. One of the many tactical shirts created by 5.11 tactical is the 5.11 HRT Uniform Shirts. They developed these uniform shirts after receiving input from SWAT operators so that they could create a uniform that really meets all the needs of the different types of law enforcement officials.

 These uniform shirts are available in sage, dark navy, grey and black and are made from 100% 5.5 oz. cotton rip-stop fabric. It features Velcro closures that are all box-x stitched so that they provide the best security and to give additional support to the fabric against rips and tears. It features a mandarin collar that also has Velcro closure. This type of collar allows for the collar to be closed enough so that it keeps out hot brass and debris. For further protection you can use the shirt with a protective balaclava so that you will have complete coverage.

There are standard chest pockets on these tactical shirts and these pockets also feature Velcro closures. They are deep pockets that are suitable for storing and caring a number of different types of gear and documents as well. There is a pen pocket on the forearm on the left and this pocket is useful for pens as its name suggests but also for chem lights and penlights as well. The pocket is placed in this position as many officers wear body armor that would cover the usual chest pen pocket.

One of the most distinctive features found on the HRT tactical shirts is the Armortex reinforcement that is visibly present on the elbows. This thick material serves protection purposes as well as is non-slip which is perfect for crawling or when in prone positions. There are also pockets found in the elbows of these shirts along with extra neoprene pads that allow for extra padding.

The back of the shirt features a bi-swing design and allow a range of movement in the back as well as in the shoulders too. The shoulders feature seams that are bar tack stitched for reinforcement but there are other parts of the shirts that feature bar tack stitching for added straight. These shirts go with the matching HRT uniform pants.

5.11 Tactical has been at it long enough to know just how to create high quality clothing items and the 5.11 tactical shirts in the HRT uniform line are definitely made up to the standard that you expect from 5.11 Tactical. These HRT shirts have features that bypass previous shirts from the company such as the TDU and BDU shirts. If you are looking for tactical shirts but need a tactical pant to pair with them as well these shirts are ideal as they have matching pants in the form of the HRT Uniform pants which are available in the same colors as the shirts. 


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