Ramifications of Tactical Gear Being Sold Online

There have been reports that the tactical gear that was worn by the Colorado shooter at the Aurora theatre is being sold online. Let us be the first say that the gear that he was wearing was really high tech stuff that should not be available to the general population so they can be easily purchased online. At Range Master Tactical Gear we offer a wide range of tactical gear to the general public but when it comes to certain items only law enforcement officers or military personnel can purchase them. And we do our duty to ensure that the individuals requesting the items are indeed who they say they are and the proper paperwork and procedures are followed to ensure that items don’t end up in the wrong hands.

It is very chilling to think that websites can be so irresponsible as to sell these types of items to the general public. What James Holmes the shooter at the Aurora movie theater in Colorado was wearing is riot gear. He was fully dressed in helmet, throat protector, vest, groin protector and leggings. If he had not willingly surrendered to the authorities they would have found it hard to bring down this man – thank God he surrendered.

How can the average citizen feel safe knowing the bad guys have as much armor and equipment as the law enforcement officers and possibly even more. How can we protect ourselves if this is what our country has come to? Sellers need to be more responsible in what they sell and who they sell these items to. Sellers should only sell such heavy duty items to police enforcement agencies and not even to single police officers and military personnel as they sometimes due to the pressure of their work make mistakes and take out innocent people in the same time.

If you want a reputable seller who upholds moral standards such as not allowing anybody to get hold of heavy duty tactical gear then you can count on Range Master Tactical Gear. We do not sell these types of items to the general public and we applaud other sellers who do the same. Those that do we urge them to look at their practices and look at the potential damage that can take place because of their actions. They should be held partially responsible when innocent people die due to the fact that they sold some psychopath gear that should only be found in the military or in other professional law enforcement environments.

ImageWe have to stop the madness somehow and making it so that only law enforcement agencies can purchase certain items this will make it less likely for certain items to end up in the hands of villain. This is the main way we can protect our families, our neighbors and our fellow country men from the rants of the wicked and those that do not value life. Let us speak out about the many websites offering tactical gear for sale to the person who is willing to pay the asking price.  


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