Keep up on the Latest Police News with a Tactical Blog

If you don’t watch the news then a lot of interesting stories may pass you. This is where a tactical blog can help keep you abreast of what is going on. Take for example a story about a police officer in Santa Mara California that was killed at his attempted arrest. This story was found on the blog of a tactical website. According to the incident reported the officer was killed on the 29th of January as they were attempting to arrest him. He was accused of sex crimes.

It is alleged that he forced a 17 year old in the police explorer program to have sex with him by threatening the safety of her family. The 17 year old described the police officer as a predator in her statement against him and has sued his widow who has only been married for three weeks. The story came out when the youngster told a relative that she was in a relationship with the police officer. It is stated that other members of the police force knew about the relationship and that these kinds of relationships are common in the explorer program.

These stories may seem like soap operas but they are indeed real life incidents that you probably wouldn’t learn about even if you watched the news. We tend to mostly watch local news and often times when we hear stories of what happens in other cities we think that it could never happen in our city but this is far from the truth as there are a lot of cases across the United States of abuse of power by police personnel and not just sexually speaking.

Staying abreast of a blog can help you to keep up with what is happening locally, nationally and internationally with our law enforcement teams. This can help us to get rid of corrupt individuals because the more eyes that are on a particular incident or case is the more likely that they will do the right thing and weed out the bad cops out of the system. Otherwise they may just try to cover up and save face. For example a story like this would have never gotten my attention if I had not seen it on a law enforcement blog.

They not only help you keep abreast of bad news but also keep us abreast of good news as well. The good news in this case is that the police caught up with the two partners in crime who have plagued not only all our 50 states but other countries with their cunning methods of thievery. They were guilty of stealing from stores all over the US and were finally caught in Florida. It is really comforting to know through a tactical blog that the law enforcement officers are driven to catch menacing culprits or bandits at all costs.

Blogs of this nature are really efficient and extremely vital to keeping us abreast of the issues that plague our society and even other neighbouring countries that are directly linked to our country.


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