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The New Fit 5.11 Tactical Women’s Tactical Shorts

There is a redesigned pair of women’s tactical shorts available and it is from no other supplier than trusty ole5.11 Tactical. These shorts feature a new fit that makes them even more comfortable, more functional and more durable than the … Continue reading

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Keep up on the Latest Police News with a Tactical Blog

If you don’t watch the news then a lot of interesting stories may pass you. This is where a tactical blog can help keep you abreast of what is going on. Take for example a story about a police officer in … Continue reading

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Tactical Clothing: How to Pick an Excellent Air-soft Vest

Yes, an Air-soft vest is considered tactical clothing – because it protects you from the pellets that are being fired as these can injure you significantly without the vests. You don’t have to be employed in the tactical forces to … Continue reading

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