New Product Offerings from RangeMaster

Rangemaster tactical gear has a long line of products and they are consistently adding to their stock. Some of their newest items are from the world renowned manufacturer of tactical items – none other than 5.11 Tactical. The retailer is known for having an extensive amount of 5.11 items for sale and now they have increased that number in recent times. We will be looking at three of the new products that they have for sale on their website right now. Since they are always updating their stock by the time you get there they may have different new products in stock but if you will be looking for any of these you can simply type the name into the search bar and click enter and you will be take straight that item along with a list of like items.
The first item on their new products page is the 5.11 Tactical VTAC Brokos Belt. This belt is not just designed to have all your gun items in one easy to access place but it also helps to relieve any pressure on your nerves with its ergonomic design and gives you the opportunity to weave your usual belt through it if you want. It is made from 500D Nylon which makes it very comfortable as well as lightweight at just 8 oz. so even though it has a large capacity for items it will never weigh you down. It can accommodate different types of holsters as well as different accessory pouches thanks to MOLLE. It features a 6 inch plastic insert which works to reinforce the belt so that one can carry heavy loads without putting any stretch on the belt which may cause it to give way. It also has an ID flag patch panel so that you can properly mark your belt.
The next item that caught my eye was the 5.11 Tactical Triab 18 which is a conversion backpack. This pack is made from 1050 D Nylon and allows you to wear it sling style while giving you the option to choose whether you want to wear it right handed or left handed. It is perfect to use for your grab and go items as it has a handle at the top that is just perfect for that. It has hydration pockets as well as expandable water pockets and even a pistol pocket that provides you with quick access to your pistol whenever you need it. It features Web platform and internal organization so that you can easily find even the smallest items that are placed inside without having to do any rummaging around.
5.11 Tactical  ATAC 8" Side Zip Boot

5.11 Tactical ATAC 8″ Side Zip Boot

Lastly on our list but not last on the new product list at RangeMaster is the 5.11 Tatical TacTec Plate Carrier. This plate carrier definitely changes the game of plate carriers. It is made from TPU and nylon and allows soldiers to have an increased range of motion and added comfort while allowing them to have all their ammo and guns present within arm’s reach and providing them with ballistic protection at the same time. It has space on the interior which includes four different slots for magazine storage and feature bungee type retention. There is also a map pocket along with a micro web platform that is laser cut. It makes use of an extended drag lanyard and provides quick release.

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