Covert cargo pants from 5.11 Tactical

Cargo pants are a great staple item for casual off duty use. They can be worn to occasions where it is ok to wear some nice jeans or a pair of khakis. They are super comfortable and not to mention practical and of course durable. Any tactical professional will definitely love all those features and so will anybody in their right mind really. No one wants to go shopping and purchase a product then a couple weeks or month down the line find that they purchased an inferior item which they now have to replace.5.11 Tactical Women's Taclite Pro Short

     5.11 Tactical Women’s Taclite Pro Short

The covert cargos from 5.11 are a staple in most policemen and military officers’ wardrobe. After working in law enforcement for a while it becomes second nature it seems to want to wear clothes that provide more than average storage space. They are made from cotton, 100% cotton that is and so with each wash they will feel more and more comfortable against your skin. The waistband has two areas where you will find elastic and this gives the ideal in comfort as it does not have to be too tight or too slack. You will find them in four colors; Coyote, Khaki, Green and Tundra.

Among the favorites of the features the 5.11 Tactical Cargos offers, is the outstanding functionality of the pockets. These pockets are deep and can be used to carry a wide variety of things. A great example would be a gun known as the Smith & Wesson M&P which fits so easily and securely in the upper most zipper pocket of these pants. People tend to believe that good guys are the only ones that wear holsters, so its nice to go with a nice inside the waistband holster to secure the weapon itself. The pockets are so deep that it covers the weapon nicely without any obvious bulge of carrying something of any magnitude, so it would be ideal for any off duty officer wearing these Cover Cargos.

With the Cover Cargo pants there are a grand total of a resourceful 16 storage slots inclusive of the inside pockets, but only a few are clearly visible to any onlooker or observer. In the zipper pockets located to the side of the pants, one can find two internal pockets locate in any of the four of them in total. The top zipper pockets are ideal for storing backup magazine cartridges for a firearm, along with for example, an L1 Flashlight which can quite frankly, be carried anywhere in these top zipper pockets.

The 5.11 information guide reveals that the zipper pockets that are situated along the side of the thighs can each conceal AR-15 magazines that contain 30 rounds of ammunition. A downside about the concealed pockets on these pants is that when one goes through the airport, the security always pays special attention to the zipper pockets, but it’s a delay one should be able to understand in their travel time.

TRU-SPEC Cargo Pant Rip Stop, Pants, Cargo Pant, Uniform Pant, Police Equipment        TRU-SPEC Cargo Pant Rip Stop

All in all, Despite this small price to pay for the convenience one gets with the pants, makes the 5.11 Tactical Cargo pants all the more worthwhile.


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