Tactical Cargo Pants Are Intended For Heavy Duty Professionals

The cargo pants that you buy at the mall are not the real thing, as a matter of fact they are very far from the real thing. The cargo pants you see being worn by the military are heavy duty tactical cargo pants not your regular fly by day cargo pants. Not only are these cargo pants better because they are made from better materials but they also allow for more storage having the regular cargo pockets and additional concealed pockets and areas that are not in the regular cargo pant.
                                                               5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Short 11″
Cargo pants are nothing new though the hip youngsters of today may think that they are from the recent past they were actually created back when the Vietnam War was in full blaze. They were created to fill the need of soldiers which was to have more room to carry small tools and equipments in their pockets so that they could be easier to access. And so the cargo pant was born with its tremendous pocket space. Back then they were only made from durable cotton, but today the pants that are being worn by military officials are made with cotton blends of synthetic materials. These allow the newer sets of pants to be more durable and give them more features such as being breathable and waterproof that the first sets of pants didn’t have.
They of course feature the usual pockets on the back and on the thighs on the exterior of the pants. These pockets were designed to be placed just there because in these positions they do not hinder the movement of the wearer in any way. They are so good that people who work in construction find that they are the best option as they have such a large storage capacity.
Construction workers and other skilled personnel can use these pants in tandem with their tool belts to carry almost all the items they will ever need to have with them for a particular job. People in these professions not only rely on their pants to provide them with a lot of storage but they also rely on them to be durable and to have the ability to withstand the blows that they may get each day as they work. These people usually work in dry and hot conditions or the opposite cold and wet conditions in the case of plumbers and these pants are ideal for both.
                                                                      5.11 Tactical Patrol Rain Pant 
You will find providers of tactical cargo pants to be companies like 5.11 Tactical gear and Horace Small among others. The Special ops cargo pants from Horace Small are currently one of the strongest pants currently on the market. They are made form a poly-cotton blend of cotton and ottoman weave polyester which is one of the most durable materials you will find. They are water repellant as well as a soil repellant and are easy to maintain thanks to their wrinkle resistant finish. These particular pants are made with a number of pockets to include a hidden calf pocket that utilizes a zipper and a stretch mesh pocket on the inside for evidence.  

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