Find Compact and Powerful Illumination from Surefire Flashlights

Surefire Kroma® MilSpec Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LEDSurefire Kroma® MilSpec Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED

When you buy a Surefire flashlight you are guaranteed that you are getting a fine quality product. The Surefire Company has been in the industry for many years providing law enforcement, military and special ops personnel with lighting equipment’s for different purposes.

All of the products from Surefire are efficient, compact, reliable and strong enough to tolerate the rigidity of military and law enforcement duties. The products encompass both incandescent and LED flashlights as well as headlamps, weapon lights, beam filters, holsters and many more. With different varieties and being popular for high quality and durable products Surefire is considered as the favorite choice for the US military, outdoor professionals, law enforcement and fire and rescue personnel.

With Surefire illumination tools there is a pure beam of light that gives optimum illumination so people who have to perform under poor light are better able to do their jobs effectively. They provide high quality light in a compact and lightweight shell. Though their line was first designed for law enforcement to work in low light environments, they are now providing flashlights for anyone who wants to have a top quality flashlight whatever purpose they may have for it.

Surefire flashlights are recognized as among the smallest but the brightest lighting equipment’s that come at some of the best and most reasonable prices. You will definitely find in the Surefire line if you are looking for a palm-size flashlight that can project beyond 50 meters. Most of the Surefire flashlights are easy to carry for any situations and anywhere since they are very compact. They are mostly ideal not only for the military, law enforcementand emergency personnel but are also good for use by ordinary people that experience situations where there is little to no light.

If you are not sure which of the Surefire flashlights are suited for you then you can read some reviews and descriptions so you will know which light are suited for your need. Here are some of Surefireflashlights that you may want to consider in your list:

Surefire UB3T Invictus® Ultra-High Variable-Output LEDSurefire UB3T Invictus® Ultra-High Variable-Output LED

The SureFire X300this is a LED flashlight that gives 170 lumens of light and also uses a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. This flashlight can produce a high quality beam that gives you good peripheral vision. Since it is a LED flashlight the filament will not burn out. Its batteries last for up to 2.4 hours but can be fully recharged when done. It has an aluminum body which makes it durable and resistant to corrosion. The Surefire X300 is also submersible up to 22 meters. You will notice that the one touch operation is very convenient plus it has an optional pistol grip as well. In fact, you can even connect this light to guns for which there are other switches available. This flashlight is also ideal to be used on long guns and hand guns that use Universal rails or Picatiinny rails.

The 6P Flashlight – It is very compact made from an aerospace body that is made from aluminum anodized for durability and efficiency even in rigorous situations. This flashlight has an incandescent lamp which gives the user a powerful beam which is good for impairing the vision of an aggressor during night. You will find this flashlight with a 65 or 120 lumen lamp.

Surefire M6LT Guardian® Extended-Range Single-Output LEDSurefire M6LT Guardian® Extended-Range Single-Output LED

The G2 FlashlightIt is a flashlight made with a Nitrolon body which means it resists corrosion and is extremely durable. It features a pushbutton tail cap switch which makes the user a safer way to activate and control the light.

These and other Surefire flashlights can be found at the Ranger Master Tactical Gear Website for sale.


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