Tactical Pants

If you are looking for tactical pants, you obviously want the best of the best and when it comes to that these are the manufacturers that can give you just that accompanied by information on their best pants.

                5.11 Tactical Taclite EMS Pant                                          5.11 Tactical Taclite EMS Jumpsuit 2

    5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant w/ Flex-Tac                          5.11 Tactical Taclite EMS Jumpsuit

  1. 5.11 Tactical – this company is known for creating pants and one of their newest is the Taclite Pro Pant which is made of their trademarked lightweight fabric. The pant has features such as a gusseted crotch which enables its wearer to have free movement. The fabric is made up of 35% polycotton ripstop and 65% polyester fabric. The fabric won’t fade and is low maintenance providing an always clean, neat and professional appearance to the person wearing it. It features a Teflon treatment which makes it stain as well as soil resistant and it not only comes in a men’s fit but also comes in a women’s fit as well.

BlackHawk Double Mag Case Single Stack BlackHawk Tactical Holster Platform

  1. BlackHawk – The BlackHawk’s version of the tactical trouser the Ultralight Pant. These are made from a nylon cotton blend using their ultralight 5.5 oz cotton. On the surface they are slightly brushed while their underside is smooth. It features water repellant fabric that is also resistant to stain. It has a modern fit and includes big pockets, reinforced stitching, double layering at the knee, a grip strip in the waistband made of silicone and a crotch that is gusseted.
  1. Blauer – the Baluer 8823 Tacitcal Trouser features moisture wicking and can be stretched four ways. This is one of the nicest comfort features of this pant as you know it will really move with you. With reinforced stitching they are durable and with multiple pockets you can have all your items for work as well as necessary personal items on you at all times.
  1. Elbeco – this company carries the TekTwill BDU pants that are perfect for the harsh daily demands of first responders. It must be able to live up to the unpredictability of the job and that it definitely does. It provides total fluidity where movement is concerned and has the capability to repel fluid while providing skin with a UV protection factor of 40+ along with a number of other great and innovative features.
  1. Magnuma – their pant is the RD Tactical Utility Pant. This pant provides it wearer with an athletic type of fit. It is designed to improve the agility of its wearer as well as their speed. It is made from 100% ripstop cotton and is made for both men and women. The crotch is gusseted and also features stitching from an over-locker.
  1. Propper International – they make a lightweight tactical pant that is made from 65/35 ripstop cotton that has been treated with Teflon for stain resistance and durability. It features a heavy duty seat that has a French fly in its sturdy snap closure and slots for placing kneepads in. #
  1. Tru-Spec – they offer the 24-7 series tactical trouser that has deep pockets that are very sizeable and easily accessible. These come in two different fabrics and have a lot of features include engineered dimensional fit.
  1. Woolrich – their pant is the Elite Waterproof Breathable Pant. It is designed to be worn in either hot or cold climates while providing relief from either and keeping its wearer comfortable the whole time. It provides a flexible fit in the 100% nylon fabric with its 260t nylon taffeta liner.



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