All Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives 1660ST - Leek             Kershaw Pink Leek Knife

Kershaw Knives 1660ST – Leek                           Kershaw Pink Leek

If it is one thing that Kershaw knives is known for that would be for the high standard they utilise in making their knives. They have been in business since 1974 and have only gotten better at their craft. They continue to stay abreast of cutting edge technology and create knives that are the best in their class . Among the types of knives that they manufacture are;

  1. Pocket Knives – these are known to have very good cutting power. These are folding knives and there are two different types of pocket knives; locking folding knives and slip-jointed knives. You can find knives with wooden handles that go well with dress attire. Knives in this category carried by the manufacturer include the Nakamura and the Splinter.

  1. Zero Tolerance Knives – these knives are ideal combat knives that are made with the highest quality materials and made to professional grade standards. Two examples of these knives are the fixed blade military knife and the Ranger Green Folder Serrated Knife.

  1. Classic Knives – knives in this category include the first knife from Kershaw: the Kershaw Folding Field Knife. If you are a knife collector then these are the knives you want to look at first as these are among the earliest knives made by the company. Other knives in this category include the Black Gulch knife and the Wild Cat Ridge knife.

  1. Kitchen Knives – the kitchen knives sold by Kershaw are made by the KAI Company. These knives feature the best knife making technology that gives them their form and their function. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are also highly functional in the kitchen.

  1. Hunting Knives – there are three categories for this type of knife. Fixed knives, folding knives and multi-task knives. The two latter knives can be folded and stored in pockets while the fixed knives can be stored in sheaths. These knives are made specifically for demanding outdoor activities and as such they are the best choice and should be the only choice if your intentions are for hunting. Examples of knives in this category are the Black Colt II and the Hunter’s Blade Trader Knife.

  1. Scuba Diving Knives – these knives are created for under water tasks such as cutting webbed netting and for self defence from underwater predators. If you think that any knife can work well under water think again. These knives are specifically designed for underwater use and if you will be under water for any amount of time you don’t want to go there without one of these. Knives in this category include the Sea Hunter Dive Knife and the Amphibian Dive Knife.

Kershaw knives are definitely the first name you want to think about when you are in need of a knife for any reason whatsoever. All their knives feature ergonomic handles, stainless steel blades that stay sharp and on a whole stays ahead of the competition in the quality and the quantity of items that they manufacture and sell. If you want a good knife in your possession then you need to choose a Kershaw knife.


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