SWAT Gear Items

SWAT teams are the elite forces from our police departments. They have received additional specialized training and not just standard police officer training. Their special training includes that of training with special weapons as well as tactic training. They are the ones that are called in for more serious situations where special  forces are required due to the degree of seriousness of the situation. These teams use special made gear known as SWAT gear.

When one thinks of such gear modified weapons come to mind but  those aren’t the only things that these special forces teams use that are unique to them. Not only do they use items that are unique to their jobs but they also use items that are also used by regular police officers.

SWAT teams are usually responsible for purchasing their own equipment but they also benefit from grants. There are grants that provide teams with money to purchase their own equipment while there are grants that provide the necessary equipment to the teams when they are needed. Most times the teams have to be a part of some sort of National Associate in order to qualify for these grants. But if you just want a particular piece of SWAT gear you may be able to find it here. You can find SWAT quality clothing, shoes, carry items illumination devices and more.

We carry items from major brand names such as BlackHawk such as the BlackHawk Tactical Holster Platform.This can be  used with a regular duty holster as well as with a Carbon-Fiber Holster. It is compatible with CQC and with SERPA models as well. All these can be conveniently mounted on this holster platform for ease of access during special operations and raids. This holster platform is also compatible with all BlackHawk duty gear belt pouches.

The 5.11 Tactical Range Ready Bag is another item that can be considered in the category of SWAT items. It is suitable for carrying multiple pistols. It also has an external pocket that is suitable for holding magazines for the pistols you carry inside. It also features a removable ammo tote as well as a brass bag so it is really a very multifunctional item. While you won’t see special ops forces and SWAT teams on the line of duty wit such a bag it is useful for transporting items to the scene and storing them while there.

The Surefire UB3T Invictus® Ultra-High Variable-Output LED flashlight is another item in this category. This super bright and powerful flashlight has 8 different levels of light output we can easily be selected. There is also a strobe that is useful in tactical operations and an SOS beacon to signal for help.

There are many other useful items that you can find from these reputable manufacturers as well as from other well known tactical manufacturers as well. Visit our website atwww.rangemastertacticalgear.com and find a large amount of tactical items available for sale.



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