QuiQlite Concelead L.E.D Light Source

QuiQlite is the producer of the world’s first and only concealed light source for uniformed tactical and other professionals. Range Master Tactical Gear is proud to carry this item as well as other illumination items from this manufacturer as well as other well-known and trusted manufacturers of tactical gear and accessories.

We speak of none other than the Pro line of flashlights offered by the company. These lights are 100% hidden and are worn in the uniform shirt pocket so they can be easily accessed and conveniently used. They are suitable for use by Pilots, Paramedics, Military Personnel, Police Officers and Firefighters etc. No longer do you need to struggle with reading and writing in low illumination environments and you don’t have to hold a chunky flashlight in your hand either. With these lights you can have full use of both hands to do other things while still being able to function as if you were in full light.

This new design offers quite a number of innovative features. These features make the job easier and allow it to be done in a more effective way. They feature adjustable lens along with an arm that can be adjusted as well and of course they feature L.E.D technology. With its adjustable features you have the ability to manipulate the light source to your best advantage for your unique personal circumstances as well as to your surroundings. With a sleek design you won’t even know it is there. It is both concealed and comfortably placed underneath the lapel of your shirt pocket with a touch button which can be accessed through the fabric quite easily.

It has a computer circuit that gives you battery saving of 10 minutes and it also has an auto off feature with independent L.E.D activation. It also features a safety strobe that give you over 50 hours of continues light when it is necessary for you to be seen.

It is not only made for use in your shirt pocket but can also be placed on a cite book but also on a belt, or sun visor among other things thanks to the adjustable QuiqClip that allows it to slide on and off easily.

There are four models of the QuiQlite Pro to choose from:

The Ultraviolet White LED – This is ideal for authenticating passports, other ID’s and Currency.

The Pro Dual White LED – This is ideal for normal tasks such as reading and writing.

The Pro Red White LED – This is ideal for tactical situations where concealment of an individual is of utmost importance while being able to have enough light for night vision or low light vision.

The Pro Blue White LED – this is ideal for medical or investigative purpose to detect body and other body fluids. It can be used by EMT’s, Paramedics and law enforcement officials.

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