5.11 Tactical All Hazards Prime Backpack Review

Okay, so if you are looking around for some new tactical, covert and high performance 5.11 products, you might be interested in this awesome backpack – the 5.11 Tactical All Hazards Prime Backpack. Whether you would like a new bag or you currently have 5.11 tactical bag and are looking to maybe change it up, this new gear is definitely a great addition to the wide range of high quality products offered by 5.11. In addition to cargo pants, polos and desert boots, this tactical bag has great potential to be considered as one of the top new choices for law enforcement, public safety and fire/EMS personel. So if you want to increase your performance with gear that is made by 5.11 Tactical, include this 5.11 Tactical All Hazards Prime Backpack in your 5.11 collection.

5.11 Tactical All Hazards Prime Backpack comes in black, olive drab or sandstone. It was designed with direct input from MACTAC instructors. There is a lot to cover, a lot of velcro on this pack and it has clean stitches. The pack is made using only the highest quality YKK zippers. Its front compartment is large enough to accommodate any number of accessories. It has a lot of compartments for pens, keys, notepads, etc. Above, front and center of the bag is a piece of velcro huge enough for a standard name-tape that allows the user to ID his pack.

The All Hazards Prime Backpack has a main compartment that measures 11.5”W x 7.5”D x 20.5”H (1768cu in) and has overall exterior dimensions of 11.5”W x 9”D x 20.5”H (1968cu in). The bottom part of the compartment is lined with a micro fiber material that helps protect fragile items. It has a padded laptop and tablet sleeve with compression tabs and tear-out medical pouches. It has a webbed platform interior and side pockets for storage. It has a 2 way zipper that is easy to access from either side. It has additional attachment points that is removable and attachable on either side. The topmost part of the pack is the smaller accessory pouch that is good for storing sunglasses, phones, or anything that is more fragile. With its easy to grab and handle feature, it is perfect for individuals who are sports enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and people who love to partake in outdoor activities.

The backpack features an attractive design, is comfortable, durable, has great features, is lightweight and great for organization. Some users wished it had a waist belt but that is not such a big deal for most. Also, if you wish to open up the 2 main compartments, you need to unclip either or both of these buckles which is quiet bothersome for some. However, most of the users consider this backpack as the best tactical bag from 5.11 as it can do a lot more compared to other 5.11 packs. Any needed items can be organized neatly and are accommodated easily into this pack.

If you don’t think this backpack is for you try another backpack from 5.11 Tactical and whiel you are at it, check out other tactical gear here on Range Master Tactical Gear


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