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Range Master has a wide array of special ops gear to include gun cases and pouches. Right here and now we want to focus on two pouches that we have that are from the 5.11 Tactical Line. These are the 10.6 Pouch and the 6.6 pouch.

The 5.11 Tactical 10.6 Pouchmeasures 10” wide by 6” high and is 3 ½” in diameter. This pouch is ideal for organizing your gear as it is compatible with any molle system thanks to Slickstick technology. It can be placed on the outside of any pack, gear bag or vest and is ideal for storing small items that you need easy access to. This pouch is made from high quality 1000D nylon, uses durable KK zippers and comes in two colors; flat earth dark and black.

It is quite easy for you to attach this pouch to your other special ops gear as it attaches just like any other molle attachment but a bit easier thanks to the sliding action. Removing an item is a breeze with the simple pop of the snap and pulling the stick out.  If you want versatility when attaching your gear then these pouches are great and they come at a really affordable price so you get a high quality product at a great price.

The 5.11 Tactical 6.6 Medical Pouch - Range Master Tactical Gear The 5.11 Tactical 6.6 Medical Pouch is a nice addition to your gearThis medical pouch features multiple compartments, durable YKK zippers, zippered interior pockets made from mesh, the medical cross for easy identification, the ability to hold all EMT gear and is made from durable and high quality 1000D nylon.

This pouch is available in black and flat earth dark and measures 6” in width, 6” in height and 4” in diameter. Not a large pouch but a very capable pouch that comes at an affordable price that you can expect from Range Master and 5.11 Tactical gear.

If your line of duty requires you to carry a medical pouch this is a downright great choice. This pouch gives you the opportunity to have the necessary medical supplies on your person whether attached to your vest or your pack with the molle attachment system. You will have easy access to all your medical gear with this pouch.

Range Master offers a wide range of other types of special ops gear on their website in the bags and back packs category. They carry a number of other pouches, backpacks, gun slings, bags, rolling duffels, load bearing equipment and more.


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