5.11 Tactical Field Ops Watch

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5.11 Tactical is known for creating some of the best products when it comes to the law enforcement, firefighting and military professions. These items are manufactured and sold under a registered trademark with the following marks; 5.11 Tactical Series® or 5.11 Tactical®. They have proven that they create and sell products that are highly durable and well made. They are industry leaders in their class and have been creating a full line of safety products for some time now.

They offer a wide variety of items to include clothing such as pants and shirts as well as eyewear, footwear and more. Among their offerings are accessories that can be used by law enforcement agents, those in the military and even persons employed in the firefighting profession. You will find anything from tactical knives to holsters to watches. One such watch that is well worth mentioning in detail is the Field Ops Watch.

This watch is designed with functionality and durability as its primary concepts. Complete your tactical wardrobe with this accessory which is made from a high density polycarbonate frame while featuring a rubber wrist band for the utmost comfort. This watch is not just made for telling time but is also created to help out in tactical situations. It has a digital compass and is backlit for ease of use at night.

If your only means of escape is by jumping into a body of water and swimming away you will be happy to know that this watch gives you a water resistant capability as far as 100 meters below the surface. If it will be necessary for you to wear the watch over gloves or other items of clothing you can choose the optional band that is used to extend the wash just for those that face the situation. It not only tells time but also tells the date, day, alarms, shows three time zones, has a count d own timer, an hourly chime and a chronograph.

The Field Ops Watch by 5.11 Tactical has a wide range of features which make it the all-round watch for those who have a high intensity lifestyle or profession. Not only does it feature a backlight but also features a bezel that can go in all directions. With a ballistic calculator, military and law enforcement professionals will find this watch especially useful. This feature allows you to get solutions that are good for up to 1000 meters and come in SMOA, MILS and TMOA.

Its polycarbonate case is not the only feature that makes this tactical watch very durable. Other features such as the mineral glass crystal face allow it to reduce glare and to be scratch resistant. This 5.11 Tactical watch also is made from sturdy construction and with high quality techniques and materials that ensure that the watch will always stay in place no matter what type of activity you are taking part in.

This outstanding watch from 5.11 Tactical really provides you with value for money and is a wise choice if you need a tough watch that is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


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