5.11 Tactical & Range Master Tactical Gear

Range Master Tactical Gear is a proud retailer of 5.11 Tactical products. We offer a wide range of products from 5.11 to include bags, backpacks, clothing, knives, flashlights and a range of other types of gear. We are proud to carry products from this manufacture because we know that their products are well made and durable enough to provide our customers with the best products and so we will have only satisfied customers. Since our aim is to satisfy our customers we choose to carry items from top names in the field of tactical gear manufacture, names like 5.11 who reign supreme.

5.11 are mostly known for their clothing line since one of their first items was the 5.11 Tactical pants which was the product that gave them the name 5.11. For 30 years the company has been producing tactical pants that have been used by numerous law enforcement officials and military officials who have continued to use their products because of the quality and the durability that they provide. They now create a lot more than pants and include shorts, shirts, footwear, undergear and accessories all of which we carry here at Range Master. Though we may not have every item created and sold by 5.11 Tactical we do have a wide range of their products and have products from every category they offer.

5.11 Tactical Pants

Their pants are designed to provide lasting performance, comfort and of course durability. Their pants have stood the test of time serving many levels of law enforcement the world over.

5.11 Shorts

With the success of their pants the company went on to create shorts perfect for warmer weather and these also became a hit with law enforcement at different levels. They feature their trademarked rear slash pocket design and are available in 7 different colors. Like the pants their shorts are durable, long lasting and comfortable too.

5.11 Shirts

Their shirts are great at providing a professional, neat and clean look whether on or off duty. They are suitable for casual and duty wear and are made mainly from either 100% nylon or 100% cotton which provides the utmost in comfort.

5.11 Tactical Footwear

They also provide footwear suitable for EMS and Fire professionals along with military and law enforcement officials as well. Range Master is proud to offer their footwear items at some of the best prices you can find on the internet. Their newer footwear offers the shock mitigation system that they have become well known for.

5.11 Undergear

Persons in tactical professions need to be dressed from head to toe in their tactical wear and that includes undergear. Their undergear provides professionals with the comfort and the support they need to go through long days on the job beyond the regular 8 hour period.


5.11 Accessories

Range Master also offers a range of accessories from 5.11. Their accessories are suitable for fire professionals, law enforcement and military professionals. Accessories in their line include knives, holsters and belts among others.

Find your next tactical or outdoor item from 5.11 Tactical through Range Master Tactical Gear.

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5.11 And 511 Tactical

511 Tactical created a pair of pants for their first product – a pair of pants made specifically for rock climbing. Now they are the most reputable name when it comes to tactical clothing and the tactical pant is just a popular as it was when they first became popular. The only difference now is that these pants are not just for rock climbing anymore. These pants are popular for a reason; they are very different from any other tactical pants before them and offer a number of improvements and even technological advancements. Ever thought you would have heard about technological advancements when talking about a pair of pants? Thanks to 5.11.

These pants feature a design that makes them highly durable and with many features that enhance their durability they are definitely the most durable pants a civilian can purchase and wear. You will find features such as triple and double stitching and even bar tacks all placed in areas that receive the most stress during wear. This makes the pants a lot stronger and even more comfortable for longer periods of wear as well.

With comfort waistbands and elastic stretch 5.11 ensured that they didn’t leave anything out so that consumers would not fall short on comfort when wearing these pants. But comfort is not the only thing they were trying to ensure these pants had, they also wanted to ensure the pants had reinforced areas which are not the same as the areas with bar tacks, triple stitching and double stitching. For example the knees are reinforced with double thick fabric so that if you must do kneeling in your job your knees won’t be stressed out at the end of the day. In addition to the padding in the knee area there are also pockets there to accommodate additional padding for your knee just in case you have to stay on them all day or don’t think you get enough padding already in the knee area of the pants.

Not only do they have great features and are made from high quality 8.5 ounce cotton canvas material but they are also made with the best in materials to include Prym snaps and YKK zippers. They are great for persons who love outdoor adventures especially the extreme types since regular clothes can’t live up to extreme. No longer are these only used for training pants for law enforcement and military personnel and everyone can now get their very own pants from 511 Tactical with all the bells and whistles and at a great price from retailers like Range Master Tactical Gear.

Pair these pants with other clothing items from 5.11 Tactical to include their Polo shirts, T-shirts or Uniform shirts for a crisp clean look. Go all out and get yourself some 5.11 socks and under gear as well as one of their backpacks so you can be all decked out when you go on your next, hunting, camping or biking excursion. You will feel great knowing you are fully decked out in the best quality items all bought without putting yourself in debt.  

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Personal Safes from StackOn Safes

Avid outdoor enthusiasts find great pleasure in hunting and doing other activities that require the use of weapons and tactical gear. If you are one of those people you probably already have your own little arsenal of weapons. How do your store these? You could currently be doing it the wrong way and are now in search of the right way or you may have been doing an OK job but are in search of information to help you to do a better job. Whatever it is you have come to the right place.

If you have kids you want to make sure that they are securely locked away for the safety of the children but also that the guns are safe from fire and water damage as well. With a Stack On safe you are assured whether you are at home or not that everyone and everything is safe once it is in its place.

They have a good reputation for building all types of security containers and storage containers for many years coming. The base of their operations can be found in Chicago, Illinois and then not only manufacture and sell safes but also tool storage shelving, device sheds and a number of other storage systems as well. Consumers know that products made by this company are made to the highest standards of quality and view the organization as one that has stood the test of time and are competitors in the current market for weapon storage devices.

You can find a wide variety of safes in different sizes and shapes all being made with heavy and durable materials. Their safes are fireproof which is extremely important if you will be storing ammunition inside which is quite common with persons storing weapons. Ammunition will start exploding when exposed to a certain degree of heat and so being temperature and fire resistant is a big positive when it comes to Stack On Safes.

When you are going to choose a safe you have to bear in mind the types of weapons you want to store inside. You don’t need to purchase a rifle safe for a gun but you wouldn’t want to purchase a gun safe for a rifle. So you must do your research on their products, read a couple product descriptions as well as product reviews to find products that are suitable for the weapons that you need to provide with a secure storage area. After doing your research and comparison you will be better able to choose the right model in the right dimensions for your weapon storage needs.

You will then be able to set your mind at ease all thanks to Stack On Safes for their secure weapon storage options. You can start your research on the internet which is also a great place where you can find all sorts of reviews and testimonials of products that you may be interested in. These will give you the consumer’s view unlike the product description that gives you the manufacturer’s view and selling point.

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Women’s Tactical Clothing from Blackhawk at the SHOT Show 2012

Women in law enforcement often find it hard to find tactical clothing that makes them look and feel feminine while being able to stand up to the day to day rigors of their job. Therefore for the majority of pieces they own they are bulky and cut like men’s wear and are simply unflattering in the sense of femininity.

Thanks to Blackhawk women will now have more feminine fitting pieces in their wardrobe for their job duties. Not only are the new items feminine but they are also designed and manufactured so they can be comfortable, durable and functional no matter what the call of duty has in store for you. The new items were revealed at the Shot Show 2012 which was held in Las Vegas. Product marketing manager at Blackhawk Bruce Ruddock was there to enlighten the public about the new line of tactical clothing designed specifically for a woman and her curves.

Without a doubt, men are built differently from women and there is no reason their clothes shouldn’t be built differently too where aesthetics is concerned but with the same quality so that their clothes can stand up to their jobs. In the line introduced are redesigned shirts and new pants. Pants are lightweight with a number of different features such as being fade, stain and wrinkle resistant. They are made from high quality and durable polyester cotton blends which mean that they will have a long life.

The pants are built with women’s hips in mind and have in seams of 31 and 35 inches at the moment. Ruddock notes that as the line gets running more sizes will become available for purchase. The pants feature a silicone grip strip in the waist band which gives the opportunity to wear the shirt tucked into the pants without risk of the shirt riding up as is common in previous pants designs for women. The waist band is also responsible for providing a better and easier fit since it has a waistband that can be expanded quite easily. The pants also have a number of pockets throughout to enable the concealment of whatever is necessary.

They have pants for both duty and off-duty. The off duty pants is a good option for your plainclothes assignments or for when you need to do undercover work. The off duty pants are made with 100% nylon and they have the same functional features of the tactical pants and only look different. These particular pants feature reinforced belt loops so that you can still carry your weapon and even a set of magazines. They have a mid-rise design that allows them to be better aligned as well as to be more stable when carrying a firearm and ammunition.

The tops as we mentioned have been redesigned to make the shirts smaller and the sleeves shorter. They have the Performance Polo as well as the Strenia Top which are both designed for casual wear and offer the benefit of ease of motion. The Polo has a cap sleeve and a modern fit while the Strenia has discrete pockets for storing additional items without having a bulky look.

They also introduced other tactical clothing items such as workout gear along with some footwear items. The items all came on stream in March of 2012. No more do you have to wear bulky tactical clothing ladies as Blackhawk has designed a clothing line especially for you.  

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How do Tactical Shorts from 5.11 Tactical Fit?



5.11 Tactical are known within tactical circles to provide high quality tactical gear items. Included these items are their tactical shorts among other clothing pieces. You already know that this is a good quality item since it is made by 5.11 but maybe your body type has problems with fitting clothing items correctly and you are wondering if these shorts will have the right fit on you. Just as 5.11 makes items that are of superb quality, so their clothing items are of superb fit as well. They fit comfortably and fit well no matter what your body type is.

These shorts mimic the design of the pants being created with a rugged design, durable fabrics and accessories and a more than adequate amount of pockets. It is useful not only for tactical professionals but also for those who require loose fitting shorts with a lot of storage space such as electronic geeks and outdoorsy people as well.

These tactical shorts provide a lot of extra room so that it is suitable for a wide range of motions involving the knee, hips and legs. Though the shorts provide additional room they are not bulky neither do they look or feel oversized. Therefore these can be worn by a heavy built person or by a lean person and still look great on both persons. The waistband is also stretchable having the ability to stretch as much as 3 inches so that even persons who don’t have washboard abs to wear the shorts comfortably.

A number of areas in the shorts are reinforced for durability and for increased functionality. It is an all-cotton shorts that is reinforced in the knees, the seat area and the crotch area. The pockets are made of heavy duty material so that they can store and carry heavy objects without worry of tearing or ripping.

They have these tactical shorts available for both men and women and women are usually more interested in fit than men. Those designed for the females are made with just this in mind. The female shorts also feature a crotch with less material so that it can be more breathable and the waistband for the female version of the shorts do not ride high and instead fit nicely on the hip area. The shorts also feature a nylon lining in areas that are most susceptible to chaffing and rubbing. The front pleats are designed so that they stay flight unless you are in motion so that you can always maintain a neat, professional and lady like appearance as you wear the shorts.

Tactical shorts are highly durable and very practical which means that they can adapt well outside of tactical professions. They can be used as uniforms for other civilian jobs as well as can be worn for casual purposes. Contractors will find these shorts suitable for work and those who are licensed to carry a concealed weapon will find them ideal for such purposes as well.  

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The Advantages Of Using Tactical Cargo Pants

Tactical cargo pants are different from your regular cargo pants. Though they may be similar in style, the tactical type provides a lot more value for money where durability, strength and functionality are concerned. The cargo pant style is very popular today and many men and women wear it casually but if you are an outdoor enthusiast or just a person who likes to spend their money on durable and high quality items your best bet will be to purchase a tactical cargo pant and not just your average cargo pant. This will enable you to be fashionable and at the same time get the best bang for your buck.

Heavy duty cargo pants are the real cargo pants. These are made specifically for law enforcement but the good news is that you don’t need to work in law enforcement to purchase and wear these. Military and law enforcement officials need these pants with adequate storage space for the many items they must oftentimes have with them. The pants are also made with high quality materials so that they can withstand the rigors of the workload of a military or law enforcement individual.

Tactical cargo pants were first used in the Vietnam war because the need was seen for soldiers to have additional pockets so they could carry more tools and equipment on their person. Back then they made these pants with cotton but today they have improved a lot on the design and materials used to create tactical cargo pants. Back then the cargo pants only had pockets on the outside but today they have pockets on the inside that are concealed for even more discrete carry.

Outside of law enforcement, persons who can benefit from wearing these pants are persons who work on construction sites. This pant will help you to carry more items than what you would be able to carry in your tool belt which makes it ideal as you can carry all your small tools and other related items.

Professionals who wear these pants can rely on them in every situation. They are suitable for wearing if you will be in contact with rough surfaces and are suitable for all weather. Persons in the army don’t have time to be worrying about being careful in their clothes and so they must wear clothes that can stand up to extreme wear and extreme pressure. When crouching in the forest the last thing on their mind is if the pants will be stained by the soil and with these pants they don’t have to worry since they are stain and soil resistant as well as water resistant too.

Tactical cargo pants have seen a whole lot of improvement over the years and now they are among the most versatile tactical pants available because how functional they are and the amount of uses one can find for them. Do you think you could benefit from one of these pants? The answer is yes, practically all persons can benefit from having a pair of these pants. Find the right pair at Range Master Tactical Gear today.

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5.11 Tactical HRT Uniform Shirts

If you are one that keeps up with the happenings of the tactical world you must know that 5.11 Tactical is a leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of tactical clothing. While they started their clothing line with tactical pants they have moved beyond the design and manufacture of pants to include shorts and shirts. One of the many tactical shirts created by 5.11 tactical is the 5.11 HRT Uniform Shirts. They developed these uniform shirts after receiving input from SWAT operators so that they could create a uniform that really meets all the needs of the different types of law enforcement officials.

 These uniform shirts are available in sage, dark navy, grey and black and are made from 100% 5.5 oz. cotton rip-stop fabric. It features Velcro closures that are all box-x stitched so that they provide the best security and to give additional support to the fabric against rips and tears. It features a mandarin collar that also has Velcro closure. This type of collar allows for the collar to be closed enough so that it keeps out hot brass and debris. For further protection you can use the shirt with a protective balaclava so that you will have complete coverage.

There are standard chest pockets on these tactical shirts and these pockets also feature Velcro closures. They are deep pockets that are suitable for storing and caring a number of different types of gear and documents as well. There is a pen pocket on the forearm on the left and this pocket is useful for pens as its name suggests but also for chem lights and penlights as well. The pocket is placed in this position as many officers wear body armor that would cover the usual chest pen pocket.

One of the most distinctive features found on the HRT tactical shirts is the Armortex reinforcement that is visibly present on the elbows. This thick material serves protection purposes as well as is non-slip which is perfect for crawling or when in prone positions. There are also pockets found in the elbows of these shirts along with extra neoprene pads that allow for extra padding.

The back of the shirt features a bi-swing design and allow a range of movement in the back as well as in the shoulders too. The shoulders feature seams that are bar tack stitched for reinforcement but there are other parts of the shirts that feature bar tack stitching for added straight. These shirts go with the matching HRT uniform pants.

5.11 Tactical has been at it long enough to know just how to create high quality clothing items and the 5.11 tactical shirts in the HRT uniform line are definitely made up to the standard that you expect from 5.11 Tactical. These HRT shirts have features that bypass previous shirts from the company such as the TDU and BDU shirts. If you are looking for tactical shirts but need a tactical pant to pair with them as well these shirts are ideal as they have matching pants in the form of the HRT Uniform pants which are available in the same colors as the shirts. 

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Ramifications of Tactical Gear Being Sold Online

There have been reports that the tactical gear that was worn by the Colorado shooter at the Aurora theatre is being sold online. Let us be the first say that the gear that he was wearing was really high tech stuff that should not be available to the general population so they can be easily purchased online. At Range Master Tactical Gear we offer a wide range of tactical gear to the general public but when it comes to certain items only law enforcement officers or military personnel can purchase them. And we do our duty to ensure that the individuals requesting the items are indeed who they say they are and the proper paperwork and procedures are followed to ensure that items don’t end up in the wrong hands.

It is very chilling to think that websites can be so irresponsible as to sell these types of items to the general public. What James Holmes the shooter at the Aurora movie theater in Colorado was wearing is riot gear. He was fully dressed in helmet, throat protector, vest, groin protector and leggings. If he had not willingly surrendered to the authorities they would have found it hard to bring down this man – thank God he surrendered.

How can the average citizen feel safe knowing the bad guys have as much armor and equipment as the law enforcement officers and possibly even more. How can we protect ourselves if this is what our country has come to? Sellers need to be more responsible in what they sell and who they sell these items to. Sellers should only sell such heavy duty items to police enforcement agencies and not even to single police officers and military personnel as they sometimes due to the pressure of their work make mistakes and take out innocent people in the same time.

If you want a reputable seller who upholds moral standards such as not allowing anybody to get hold of heavy duty tactical gear then you can count on Range Master Tactical Gear. We do not sell these types of items to the general public and we applaud other sellers who do the same. Those that do we urge them to look at their practices and look at the potential damage that can take place because of their actions. They should be held partially responsible when innocent people die due to the fact that they sold some psychopath gear that should only be found in the military or in other professional law enforcement environments.

ImageWe have to stop the madness somehow and making it so that only law enforcement agencies can purchase certain items this will make it less likely for certain items to end up in the hands of villain. This is the main way we can protect our families, our neighbors and our fellow country men from the rants of the wicked and those that do not value life. Let us speak out about the many websites offering tactical gear for sale to the person who is willing to pay the asking price.  

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Benchmade Knives – Superior Quality Items

Benchmade Company is a well-known name for manufacturing superior products. This is great for them because they have just a little over 20 years on the market under their belt. The company behind the manufacture of the ever so popular Benchmade Knives started in California before relocating to Oregon. You can find their knives in a range of designs and eve have the opportunity to personalize your Benchmade knife with laser engraving.

They pride themselves in building knives that are designed and manufactured to the highest of standards and to the highest quality when compared to their competitors. They use only the finest materials to make their knives and as such the knives perform just how they are advertised to perform. They are mostly used by persons in the line of duty and outdoor enthusiasts and workers who want the best equipment. All these individuals need to have knives they can count on and knives that hold their own. That is exactly what you can expect from Benchmade Knives. They feature the most superior edges that assure the user the best and most precise cut and they are reliable, never failing to perform. The company promises unsurpassed quality in their products and they deliver on that.

 If you are on the market for a high quality knife you can choose from the different knives that benchmade carries. They have knives with blades made from different types of steel and coatings that enable the prevention of corrosion. Handles are made from a variety of high quality materials and come in various colors to suit any color palette.

Each year they offer more innovative knives that are customized for the needs of military personnel and law enforcement officers. They not only design, manufacture and sell their knives but they also offer continuing services to help to maintain the knives so that they can stand the test of time and provide you with the best value for money. They offer services such as re-sharpening among others which help to expand the lifespan of their products helping your keep money in your pocket by purchasing a knife that will last you a lifetime.

 Keep your benchmade knives in the best shape ever by properly maintaining them even if you don’t get the maintenance done by Benchmade. Ensure you keep your blade properly sharpened as not only will a blunt blade be damaged more easily but it can also cause harm to you or anybody else you may be using the knife with. You also want to keep the locking device oiled and cleaned and inspect the knife periodically to ensure that it is still in good shape. Remember to use your knife only for cutting, not as a screwdriver, not as a chisel and not as a prying tool. If you find that your blade has been damaged try not to repair it yourself as you may only make matters worse. You should definitely not try to pull it apart, instead send it back to the company or purchase a new one.  

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5.11 Tactical Moving Jobs from Modesto to Irvine

5.11 Tactical has their corporate headquarters in Modesto but in the summer they moved 40 jobs from Modesto to a development center in Irvine. The operations center is still in Modesto and only those 40 positions were moved to this new development center.

The company’s CEO stated that the move was done in order to facilitate a better environment for product designers and developers so that they could delve deeper into their creative talent by pooling all persons in the same physical location. As such it was the persons with jobs within the product management, product development, e-commerce and marketing departments that were moved to Irvine. The Sales, Customer Service, Logistics, Finance and Operations staff stayed behind in Modesto and so did the warehouse and the custom shop.

The whole idea of the change is for the company to be able to drive more innovation. The CEO who already lives in Irvine and who has lived there for 15 years states that he does most of his work there and returns to the Modesto office every other week at minimum.

The CEO of the Stanislaus Economic Development & Workforce Alliance notes that he was sad to see jobs leave the area as in March there was a 17.4% jobless rate. He further goes on to state that it is sad to see some of the jobs go since 5.11 Tactical was born in Modest and has grown there ever since.

Though a majority of the workers transferred to Irvine there was still room for more new workers and since Irvine is home to major apparel companies such as Hurley, Volcom, Quiksilver and Oakley there were a number of young and talented designers were eager job takers. This benefits the company since in Modesto they would have design positions open for months without being able to find the right individual for the job.

With operations in Irvine the company is now able to work with bigger law enforcement departments that are found in Irvine, Los Angeles and Anaheim. It also benefits the Modesto office since some of their finance department has been working across the road for a couple years now. Now with departments moving the entire finance department will be in one general space which will allow the work flow to be more cohesive.

They had no plans of downsizing and so the employees who did not move to Irvine were offered job positions in the Modesto office though they may have been offered a different role. Just a small amount of individuals ended up losing their jobs. Davin noted that change is always tough but overall it benefits the company and the consumers they serve.


5.11The Irvine development is home to the first prototype facility that 5.11 Tactical has had in house. This means changes to the 5.11 Tactical lines of products. The company is slated to launch fitness and hunting products in the early part of 2013. This will really open the consumer base of the company as now there will be more regular individuals purchasing, wearing and using 5.11 products.  

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